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Active Trailblazer Workshops

Medway African and Caribbean Association are pleased to be launching the first in a programme of activities for young people across Medway and Kent. We have been able to host these workshops with funding received from Kent Sport, Sport England and National Lottery.

Free Dance Workshops

What’s on offer?

The workshops will include Hip-hop styles and urban dance styles as well as many other dance styles with the world acclaimed tutor Sherisse Basram who is also a tutor at the World Famous Brit School. The workshops aim to give young people a thorough understanding of Hip-hop, with opportunities to also choreograph and possibly even teach a class.
This programme aims to help develop, motivate and build confidence.

When will they take place?

The workshops will start on Thursday 12th August 2021 and run through to the end of March 2022.
Times : 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Please note there will be no classes 25th to 28th August and during the Christmas and New year holidays

Where are they taking place?

Medway Youth Services
Gillingham and Twydall Family Hub
Woodlands Road

Do I need to have any previous experience

These workshops are for all abilities, new and experienced dancers.

What ages can attend?

The ages will range from 7 up to 20 yrs and the classes will be split to make sure all participants have access to their capability level and grow at their own pace.

What will I receive?

A great opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends 😊 You will need to wear suitable clothing and footwear to take part in dance. E.g leggings, tracksuit, trainers

Is there a fee?

These workshops are free to take part

If you would like more information, please email

An introduction to Martial Arts

What’s on offer?

A free Introduction Martial Arts workshop in the art of Taekwon-do which is also an Olympic sport. The classes will be run by a renowned Instructor David Harper a 6th Dan Black Belt in the art of Taekwon-do. This could help young people develop self-control and discipline, which is vital for growth and development.

When will they take place?

These classes will start 11th August 2021 summer holidays to the end of March 2022. They will take place twice a week on a Wednesday and on Friday.

7:00 – 8:00pm – Taekwon-do (all ages & grades)

7:00 – 8:00pm – Taekwon-do (all ages & grades)

Please note there will be no classes 25th to 28th August and during the Christmas and New year holidays

Where are they taking place?

The Brompton Academy school
Marlborough Road,
Gillingham, Kent.

What ages can attend?

Please see below for more information
7:00 – 8:00pm – Taekwon-do (7yr old to 20 years old)

7:00 – 8:00pm – Taekwon-do (7yr old to 20 years old)

Do I need to have any previous experience

These are introductory classes, so are open to those with any ability can take part in the classes for the entire length of the workshop. You will need to wear suitable clothing and footwear to take part in E.g. leggings, tracksuit, trainers, prior to any uniform being issued.

What will I receive?

Once you are registered you will receive a starter pack which includes insurance, uniform and white belt to start you off on your classes all for FREE.

Is there a fee?

If you wish to take part in any grading, we ask that each person make a voluntary donation of £1 per class. Otherwise, the classes are free, register and just turn up.

If you would like more information please email

How will we keep young people safe?

MACA has a safeguarding children policy, all staff are checked to make sure they are safe to work with children and young people and have no criminal convictions that prevent them from working with young people.

If during the activities you or your parent/guardian are concerned about your own safety or any other young person in the sessions, please advise the tutor straight away.

Why do you need my personal details?

We need to make sure that we are keeping everyone safe and that only those who have registered to attend are at the sessions. This is also in case of fire or if anyone tests positive for COVID 19. We will not share your personal information such as your name, address date of birth to anyone else, only the team delivering the sessions and the project team. This information is kept securely and destroyed 6 months after the project ends or sooner.

If anyone tests positive for COVID we will notify participants of the need to self-isolate, however, no names will be given.

The funders require us to send data on the ethnicity, age, gender of those who took part to help them monitor if a wide range of young people can access the activities, names and addresses will not be shared.

Can I sign up for dance and martial arts?

Yes, you can!

Do I need to go to all the sessions?

You can attend on dates you are available. The more you go, the quicker and more you learn. For martial arts, if you are considering a grading, you will need to attend on a regular basis.

How do I register?

Please fill in your details on the online registration form if you are under 18, you will need a parent or legal guardian to provide consent.

Medway Culture Club

Medway African and Caribbean Association and YPU are proud to be working with Medway Culture Club to launch a Saturday school for young people in Kent.

To get involved or to find out more please visit:

Youth HipOpera

Thank you to all the young people that took part in the Windrush Hip Hopera project, the journey continues.

We are pleased to be able to show the highlights of the project to you.

We look forward to working with the young people on completing a final production for 2021.

In partnership with Theatre31, funded by Arts Council England Youth Performance Partnership Fund

YPU is a sub group of MACA

It was founded in 2014 by three friends from diverse backgrounds. Their friendship not their differences saw them create this group. Safiya, Chris and Holly’s vision was to form a group for the youth of Medway. Sadly in 2015 Safiya passed away but her legacy lives on. During the annual Young Black Achievers Awards YPU awards are given to honour her memory.

We now need the next generation of Medway’s young people to take part and grow YPU. We are currently working in conjunction with a USDD dance academy to create a HipHop Opera in 2020! We are also hoping to re start our Saturday school. Saturday school will offer a safe place to discuss and learn about heritage, culture and practical support where possible with maths, English and ICT. If this all sounds like something you would like to get involved in then get in contact with us.